Macy’s Diner: Retro Feels Dining in Ilocos Norte

On our trip in Laoag City, we came across this restaurant that got us curious and excited.

Exterior of the restaurant

Interesting restaurant exteriors

The restaurant, named Macy’s Diner, which is located in Laoag City, has retro themed interiors but serves a variety of food ranging from American, Chinese, and even authentic Ilocano cuisine.

Inside macys diner

Interiors of Macys Diner

Inside the restaurant, the ceilings are filled with neon lights that is reminiscent of the series ‘Riverdale’. The walls are decorated with clever road signs and pictures of  60’s icons such as Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

Road sign decoration

Wall decorations

Elvis picture

Pictures of icons are also displayed

The chairs and tables look as if they came straight out of a classic hollywood movie. There is even a jukebox displayed inside, although it doesn’t work anymore.


An old jukebox is displayed inside the restaurant

As a break from fast food, we only ordered the Ilocano dishes.

First on the list is, of course, Bagnet (Php235). Served with lechon sauce, the outside of the bagnet were very crunchy and delicious.

Bagnet with sauce

Macy’s Diner’s very crunchy Bagnet

We also ordered Dinengdeng (Php125) , a bagoong soup based vegetable dish; Dinakdakan (Php 205), pork strips with onions, calamansi, and chili peppers.



Dinengdeng and Tofu

Dinengdeng and Tofu

Beef Tapa (Php235), Crispy Noodle with Seafood (Php240), and Crispy Spicy Tokwa (Php90).


Seafood Noodles


Crispy Spicy Tokwa

Beef Tapa and Dinakdakan

Beef Tapa and Dinakdakan

Aside from Ilocano Dishes, Macy’s Diner also serves breakfast meals such as bacon and pancakes, steak meals, burgers, and milkshakes.

Macys Diner

Macys Diner

Planning on visiting Ilocos Norte? Then you should include Macy’s Diner in your itinerary to feel what it’s like to dine during the 60’s.

Inside the restaurant

Inside Macy’s Diner

Macy’s Diner is located in Segunda Ave. & Cor. M.H. Del Pilar, Brgy. 13, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, just a few blocks away from the capitol building.


Macys Diner Signage

Macy’s Diner: Retro Feels Dining in Ilocos Norte
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