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Nacho Pizza: S&R Goes Mexican

Craving for some nachos and pizza? Then you’re in luck, because S&R combined the two for their newest pizza offering!

Nacho Pizza

Promotional photo of S&R’s Nacho Pizza

A single slice, which costs109 and119 in S&R warehouse and pizza parlors respectively, the aptly named Nacho Pizza is topped with colorful tortilla chips, chili con carne, black olives, jalapeno, and cheese sauce.

Nacho flavored pizza

S&R’s newest, the Nacho Pizza, topped with tortilla chips, chili con carne, black olives and cheese sauce.

Every bite we took had a consistent nacho taste. It had a generous amount of chili con carne that made it so meaty. We also tried putting some pickles on it, the pickles’ sweetness suited the spicy and savory taste of the pizza.

Pizza, fries and drinks

S&R Nacho Pizza, with fries and drinks on the side. Try it with pickles.

What’s a little disappointing though is that the tortilla chips weren’t that crunchy anymore. Nonetheless, if you really love nachos, this pizza is definitely worth a try.

nacho pizza, ketchup, onions

S&R Nacho Pizza, ketchup, onions and pickles

The whole box of the pizza costs 599 if bought from the warehouse and 649 from the pizza parlors.

Pizza, drinks, fries, and dips

S&R is for the whole month of May 2017 only.

S&R’s Nacho Pizza
is only available for the whole month of May 2017.

Nacho Pizza: S&R Goes Mexican
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