A Taste Of The Newest S’mores Dessert Pizza From S&R

Just a couple of months ago, S&R released a pizza that’s unlike any other– something that has marshmallows and chocolate on it.

smores pizza

Pizza topped with chocolate, mallows and graham crackers on top

Inspired by the famous campfire food, S&R’s S’mores Dessert Pizza has layers of Nutella, Hershey’s chocolate chips, graham crackers, and marshmallows.

smores pizza by SnR

Layers of chocolate, and marshmallows

We ordered the pizza from their Ayala Fairview Terraces pizza parlor to try it out. A single slice costs ₱109 and a whole pizza costs ₱629 when availed thru their pizza parlors, while a slice and a whole pizza cost ₱99 and  ₱549 respectively, if bought from the S&R warehouse.

SnR smores pizza poster

Smores Pizza Poster

At first, the pizza tasted very nice! The melted and toasty marshmallow and Nutella complemented each other. It’s a little messy to slice and eat, though.

Single pizza slices being shared by the group

Single pizza slices being shared by the group

Eventually, we got overwhelmed by it being too sweet and some of us even took some marshmallows off the pizza to lessen its sweetness.

lifting pizza

Lifting the pizza is a little hard, thanks to its weight.

Two people can actually share a single slice of pizza as it can really get too overwhelming if consumed by one person only.

Smores Pizza up close.

What the pizza looks like up close.

Want to try this pizza? Then you better hurry because S&R’s S’mores Dessert Pizza can be availed only until April 30, 2017 from S&R Restaurants and S&R Supermarkets.

A Taste Of The Newest S’mores Dessert Pizza From S&R
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