Lily's Touch Miracle Cream
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Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream Review

For those who have normal to dry skin, don’t forget to put on your favorite moisturizer, Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream, as the texture of the product is quite dry. It’s like a cream without too much water on it so the texture is not perfect for those dry to normal skin. I have a combination of oily to dry skin but I still use a moisturizer when I apply the product, it helps me to easily blend the product on my face. It can also whiten your face right after you apply it so be careful not to put too much.

Lily's Touch Miracle Cream

Packaging wise it comes with an orange tub, a lid inside the tub which helps to prevent the contamination of the cream. I suggest you to buy a refillable small jar if you want to bring it while travelling because you will only need a small amount of the product for it to cover your whole face.

What I love about the product is the scent, it smells like a fruity melon that you want to eat right away! I diligently use it as my day cream and night cream. My colleagues would say that I’m blooming but the reality is I use the cream, apply the powder and voila! You’re going to look fresh and blooming! Don’t get me wrong though there is an exception of course, you have to stay to cold places and refrain from staying under the sun even though the product has sunscreen.

Final thoughts: If you’re looking for a nice scent of day cream and night then this one is good for you. My mom is also using this product and she’s been loving it because according to her the white coverage itself saves her time as she only need the powder to make it matte and I agree with her too!

Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream

Price: P450

Net Weight: 50ml

“Try at your own risk. It may be worth it.”

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

Lily’s Touch Miracle Cream Review


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  2. Mia's Discoveries

    May 23, 2017 at 3:05 am

    Okay talaga yang Lily’s Touch, na-try ko na din yan, sobrang bango, amoy melon <3 and super effective, talagang nag-whiten yung face ko kahit 3 days ko pa lang ginagamit, then nung naubos ko, nag-purchase ulit ako sa Shopee, pero sad to say, di na amoy melon yung nakuha ko :< tapos iba din yung texture, sabi nung seller, bago na daw kasi yung formulation ng miracle cream ng Lily's Touch so sabi ko baka same padin naman ng effect, pero nakaka disappoint lang na di sya same na ng effect di gaya nung isa na amoy melon, super effective, itong bago, hindi na nakakaputi 🙁

    Nagtry ulit akong mag purchase sa ibang seller pero ganon din yung nakukuha kong cream, yung di na amoy melon :'<, sana di lang ako yung nakakakuha ng gantong product, di na kasi sya effective eh 🙁 nakakapanghinayang, sobrang nagustuhan ko pa naman. </3

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