Boom Chicka Fries Strawberry and BBQ

Boom Chicka Fries and their unusual French Fries

Have you ever tried eating french fries together with ice cream? This Boom Chicka Fries food stall in Fairview Terraces offers fries topped with different ice cream flavors such as strawberry, ube-avocado and chocolate.

Boom Chicka Fries Fairview Terraces

Boom Chicka Fries signage

Boom Chicka Fries is the first stall since the opening of Ayala Fairview Terraces’ Food Choices, at first it looks like a typical food stand that offers flavored fries such as sour cream, barbecue and cheese for reasonable prices of different sizes: Large – ₱50, Big – ₱80, Grande – ₱100, Giant – ₱150 and Family – ₱200.

Boom Chicka Fries Menu


If you want other flavor for your fries, a Boost Fries is being offered. For ₱25 only, you can enjoy chicken chorizo, beef kebab, pulled pork adobo or seafood on your snack.

Boom Chicka Fries Interior of Food Choices

Interior of Food Choices

What made Boom Chicka Fries unusual is their ₱90 desserts. Fries topped with ice cream ( either strawberry, ube-avocado or chocolate ).

We tried their freshly cooked sour cream and barbecue flavored fries together with strawberry-flavored fries dessert.
The strawberry-flavored fries was topped with real ice cream with sugar sprinkles on top. My friends didn’t like the strawberry-flavored ice cream and I was the only one who consumed it all. The ice cream was not that special but overall it wasn’t that bad, you just need to enjoy the taste and just don’t mind the mess on your hands.

Boom Chicka Fries Strawberry Ice Cream and Fries

Boom Chicka Fries Strawberry Ice Cream and Fries

This Boom Chicka Fries stall is located at the Ayala Fairview Terraces’ Food Choices 2nd level.

Boom Chicka Fries and their unusual French Fries
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