Agila Enchanted Kingdom

Experiencing ’AGILA’ of Enchanted Kingdom: First and Only Flying Theater in the Philippines

There’s a new attraction in Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, the AGILA: The EKsperience. It is the first and largest flying theater in the Philippines through a patented motion-theater technology to simulate a flight motion of an eagle.

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom Entrance

AGILA: The EKsperience came from the name of Philippines’ national bird, Philippine Eagle. Through AGILA, visitors are given a chance to ‘fly’ and catch a glimpse of the country’s beauty, destinations, products and people.

Please take note of Enchanted Kingdom’s Ticket Prices as of 2017

Enchanted Kingdom Ticket Prices Rate

Rate and Ticket Prices

Park &
Agila Single Ride Package
Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Regular 800 900
Junior 500 600
Senior Citizen / PWD 500 600
Junior PWD 350 400
Park Ticket
Regular 600 700
Junior 300 375
Senior Citizen / PWD 300 375
Junior PWD 210 265
Children below 36 inches tall FREE FREE
Agila Single Ride Ticket
Regular 500 500
Junior 350 350
Senior Citizen / PWD 350 350
Junior PWD 250 250


Enchanted Kingdom Ticket

Ticket with Eagle Photo for Agila

An image of Philippine eagle will be issued to you once you bought a ticket with AGILA ride. Since we went to EK on a weekend, the price for this ticket is P900 for the Park & AGILA Single Ride Package.

Enchanted Kingdom Water Fountain and Carousel

Water Fountain and Carousel

From the main entrance, you will notice the remarkable carousel and water fountain of the park. Even it was weekend, I just noticed that I was lucky enough to capture the area without any crowd or by passer.

Enchanted Kingdom Agila

Agila the EKsperience Building

The Agila is located at the left side of the park just near the Disk-O-Magic ride, you will find the 6,000 square meter 9-storey glass-encased building with 3 yellow rings / white color.

Again you need to present your ticket to the turnstile entrance to enter the area. I confirmed also to the staff if it is really a single ride only, sadly it is.

Agila EK

AGILA Glass-Encased building with 3 yellow rings

As we observed at the building, it is still new and the structure is new to our eyes.

Enchanted Kingdom AGILA Signage

AGILA Signage

As we walked around, there’s plenty of signages showing the way to the entrance of the theater. It was kind of weird because the entrance is located almost at the back of the building.

Enchanted Kingdom AGILA Tarpaulin

AGILA Tarpaulin

Walking towards the entrance, are the tarpaulins and images showing some trivia and infographic materials about the Philippine Eagle and the Agila of Enchanted Kingdom.

AGILA Tarpaulin

About the AGILA

Agila, The Iconic Attraction

As the Gateway to Enchanted Kingdom’s expansion area, a 9-storey, glass-encased building with a 2,000-square meter foot print was erected to house AGILA’s 105-seat Flying Theater. It was a landmark undertaking that took 4 years to develop, design and deliver, enlisted the services of 400 individuals who clocked in a collective 100,000 man-days and took 16 full months to complete.

Philippine Eagle

Philippine Eagle

AGILA is an enormous feat which paves the coming of bigger and grander EK attractions in the years to follow.  Drawing inspiration from the Philippine Flag, the structural design incorporates 3 rings to symbolize Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and a circular shape spires to represent the sun and its eight rays. An attraction itself, this iconic building in EK’s legacy of nationalism and pride for every Filipino.

Building the AGILA Structure

Building the AGILA Structure


Enchangted Kingdom imbibes its mission of strengthening our cultural identity with attractions that are truly world-class and yet very Filipino. AGILA the EKsperience is Enchanted Kingdom’s biggest and most lasting contribution to showcasing the best of Philippine culture, heritage and natural beauty. It has been named AGILA in tribute to the magnificent Philippine eagle, our proud national symbol to the indomitable spirit of Filipinos who soar over the challenges of life and gain global recognition for their talent, skills, work ethics and values. For a nation that has demonstrated resilience and perseverance through the hardest of times, one can really be PROUD TO BE FILIPINO.

AGILA Safety Reminders

AGILA Safety Reminders

Before you enter the area, signages about ride reminders and safety guides are posted.

AGILA Safety Rules

AGILA Safety Rules

Reminder: Backpacks, large bags or any items that cannot be stowed safely in the small pouch under the ride seat are not allowed on the ride. Kindly leave said items with a non-riding companion or in the locker area located at the West Lobby. Food and drinks are not allowed.

You need to rent a locker if you have backpacks or large bags with you which costs P50 for the first 2 hours and additional of P100 in excess of 2 hours. It was expensive for a small locker but their lockers were high tech! It was automated and touch screen operated.

AGILA Automated Locker

Automated Locker

On choosing a locker, you need to specify the type of locker you want, enter your bill then enter your 6-digit pin, the door will open when done.



Do not forget your pin number and your locker number, you will be needing it in retrieving your item.

AGILA Eldar's Workshop

Eldar’s Workshop

A line for Eldar’s workshop before you enter the theater.

AGILA Ticket with Circle Sticker

Ticket with Circle Sticker

The staff put circle sticker on my ticket, it will be used for seat designation later. The available shapes were triangle, circle and square.

AGILA Introduction


A pre-show and introduction about AGILA was shown to audience, reminds me of Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Enchanted Kingdom Big Screen

Enchanted Kingdom Big Screen

After all the introduction, we were directed to the building’s main lobby for picture taking and to watch on the big screen about Enchanted Kingdom.

Wooden Seats

Wooden Seats

Small chairs made of wood, looks like seeds of jackfruit.

Wooden Eagles

Wooden Eagles

Two wooden eagles on top of wood.

EK Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

Another introduction was shown to us, but this time it was Eldar who welcomed us to the Enchanted Forest and revealed our mission with the help of AGILA.



After the pre-show, we entered the circle room, depending on the sticker attached on your ticket. Another walk up going to the seat of the theater.

I didn’t get any chance to take some photos inside the theater because it was prohibited. But inside, it has a large projection screen with moving seats. Before the show, the staff made sure that all seat belts have been attached. A short 6-minute film with 6K resolution, (take note of 6K resolution!) was projected in the curved screen featuring 20 locations in the Philippines with special effects of wind, water and eagle-like motion.

To know about this, watch the video below:

After the show, you may view your picture or purchase some items on AGILA’s souvenir shop called PUGAD. It has many carefully handcrafted merchandise items about AGILA and about the Philippines.

Pugad Souvenir Shop

Pugad Souvenir Shop

Philippines Local Products

Philippines Local Products

Eagle Stuff Toys

Eagle Stuff Toys

Eldar the Wizard

Eldar the Wizard


AGILA: The EKsperience is a new attraction that is world-class which helps to showcase the beauty of the Philippines, perfect for digital education tour for students and tourists both international and domestic.

Enchanted Kingdom is located at Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.

Experiencing ’AGILA’ of Enchanted Kingdom: First and Only Flying Theater in the Philippines


  1. Jane reyes

    May 15, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    Magingat kasi may modus silang ginagawa dito. Yung samin kasi pagpasok namin kumpleto yung tickets. Pagpasok namin pinagilid muna kami tapos pagbigay nila ng ticket samin kulang pala. Tapos sasabihin samin na hindi daw pwede ireview ang cctv kasi matagal pa daw pag irerewind. Nagcctv pa kayo? sure kami na hindi naibigay ung 2 tickets samin at hind namin nawala. Tapos sabi pa sa asawa ko na kailangan pa daw nila magbayad ulit ng 2 ticket ulit para makalabas lang doon sa agila. Imagine? Nawala na nga nung nasa 1st gate ng agila tapos papabayarin pa kami ulit para lang makalabas? So thats another 1,000. I dont know whats the essence na naswipe na sa first gate ung ticket. Pagpasok mo ilang beses mo pa ulit iswipe yung ticket. Paglabas mo, kailangan pa din iswipe yung ticket. Buti nalang may exit pala dun na hnd na kailangan ng ticket. Tapos sabi pa ng manager na hindi daw sufficient ang resibo. Ay tanggalin na ang bir pag ganyan hehe. Worst experience eh parang 4d lang naman sya.

  2. Cathy Reyes

    December 22, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    wala na pala silang carousel special sa admission? para sa mga hindi naman sasakay ng rides..masyado na pricey entrance nila dati 150 lang makakapasok ka na

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