Trying Out The First Ever Tim Hortons in The Philippines

Tim Hortons, the famous Canadian fast food chain, has finally opened its doors to Filipinos last February 28, 2017. With its first Philippine store in Uptown Bonifacio, it is also the first one in Southeast Asia.

Tim Hortons donuts

Tim Hortons choices of donuts

Being a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother, I’ve always been curious of what Tim Hortons’ donuts tasted like, and just recently, we tried it out.

Tim Hortons menu

Tim Hortons menu

Since it’s still new to Filipinos, customers have to line up first outside the store as the place could get overly crowded if they’ll not limit the number of people inside.

queue of customers

Queue outside Tim Hortons’ store

Upon entering, the place has a warm and cozy vibe to it, a perfect place to have some donuts, coffee and a little chat with friends.

Inside Tim Hortons’ store


Baristas busy mixing drinks for customers

We ordered what most blogs recommended: the Boston Cream Donut (₱50). We also ordered the Chocolate Eclair (₱50), Bagel with Cream Cheese (₱75), box-of-10 Timbits (₱80) as our pasalubong, and Frozen Hot Chocolate (₱125 for small) and Hot Chocolate (₱100 for small) to go along with the donuts. We wanted to try their best seller Iced Capp (₱135), but it was not available at the time.

Boston Cream, Chocolate Eclair, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Hot Chocolate

The Boston Cream Donut tasted so good! It had a chocolate glaze on top and a bavarian filling that wasn’t too sweet. The Eclair, on the other hand, had a generous amount of whipped cream inside and also a chocolate glazed top.

Boston Cream Donut

Boston Cream Donut and Chocolate Eclair at the back

The bagel with cream cheese however, was on the savory side, with the bagel slices being chewy and not hard, smothered with cream cheese in the center.

bagel and cream cheese

Bagel with cream cheese

Both the iced choco and hot choco complemented well with all the donuts we had, but the hot choco would be best if eaten with a bagel.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Iced Hot Chocolate

Iced Hot Chocolate

At home, we tried the assorted Timbits. It reminded us so much of Dunkin Donutsmunchkins, but minus DD’s butternut. The Timbits, if bought individually, would cost ₱10.

Assorted Timbits

Assorted Timbits

Aside from donuts and pastries, Tim Hortons also offers sandwiches, iced teas and fruit juices, to name a few.


Counter of Tim Hortons


Tim Hortons Schedule

Tim Hortons is open from 10am-10pm every Sunday to Thursay, 10am-11pm every Friday to Saturday, and is found in Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City.

What donuts should we look for the next time we will be there? Please hit them in the comments section.

Trying Out The First Ever Tim Hortons in The Philippines
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