Nadai Fujisoba store display

Nadai Fujisoba: Soba and Udon Restaurant in SM Megamall

Nadai Fujisoba is a Japanese restaurant specializing in soba and udon. In search of good noodles and warm broth, my officemates and I stumbled across this Japanese restaurant located in SM Megamall. With its very authentic-looking Japanese exterior, we didn’t hesitate to try it out.

Outside, wax figures of their food are displayed giving customers the idea of how big the servings are.

Nadai Fujisoba store display

Wax models of food being offered at Nadai Fujisoba.

Inside, the walls are covered with sketches and Japanese drawings that reminded us of manga pages.

Their staff were very welcoming, they even chant in Japanese whenever guests arrived.

Interiors of Nadai Fujisoba

Interiors of Nadai Fujisoba

Upon ordering, the staff asked us if we preferred udon (thick, wheat noodles) or soba (thin, buckwheat  noodles) to go with our dishes.

Being such fans of tempura, we ordered their Ebi Ten Soba (₱280), thin noodles on broth topped with greens and two large prawn tempura. The broth was pretty light and had a nice sweet and savory taste to it, and the noodles tasted great and were firm. The tempura, although soaked in broth, were still crunchy and not too oily, just the way I like them.


Ebi Ten Udon

Ebi Ten Soba

ebi ten soba

large prawn tempura on top of Ebi Ten Soba

Sir Jovy ordered what the staff recommended, the Aka Fuji Udon (₱260)thick udon noodles on broth topped with beef strips, poached egg and nori, sprinkled with an ample amount of chili powder. He liked his udon so much, and according to him, its spiciness was just right.

Aka Fuji Soba

Aka Fuji Udon

If you aren’t a fan of hot noodles and broth, they also serve cold versions of soba and udon, as well as deep fried Japanese dishes.

Aka Fuji Soba and Mango Shake

Aka Fuji Udon and Mango Shake

Nadai Fujisoba is a good alternative to ramen especially if you love trying out something new. Prices are affordable at such generous servings. We’ll definitely come back to try their cold soba and have some more of that crunchy tempura.

Nadai Fujisoba

Nadai Fujisoba is located at the Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building A, just beside Bread Talk.

Nadai Fujisoba: Soba and Udon Restaurant in SM Megamall


  1. Amy Schlottman

    February 3, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    The article has the noodles wrong. Soba is thin buckwheat noodles, and udon is thick regular wheat noodles.

    • Jenero de Guzman

      February 4, 2017 at 3:46 am

      Thanks for your comment. I must’ve mistakenly interchanged the two while writing.

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